Welcome to the construction and community liaison website for the masterplan to redevelop Sampson and Ludgate House in Blackfriars, London, SE1

We are pleased that planning permission was  granted for the Sampson House site and we look forward to continuing to work with our closest neighbours through construction and operation.

This website acts as a hub for the local community to stay up to date on the progress of the works and to get in touch with members of the project team.

As work continues to progress, we will be regularly update the website with relevant information needed for our neighbours and members of the local community to stay informed on the construction process. To view our document archive, where previous Community Liaison Group minutes and community newsletters are stored, please see here.

About Native Land

Native Land is an internationally recognised property development company specialising in high quality residential and mixed-use developments in central London. The company’s portfolio contributes to London’s supply of affordable housing and public open space, through our collaborations with housing providers, local authorities, and cultural institutions.

Based in Southwark, they have a track record of delivery in the borough, including NEO Bankside and affordable housing such as Abbey Street and Alice Street. They have a focus on quality and innovative design at the centre of all their developments, working with celebrated architects to create places which contribute positively to those that live, work, and relax there.


Planning History

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